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Student Brian Wood
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Martial Art One – Won Son Taekwondo

Martial Art One - Won Son Taekwondo founder Grandmaster Won Son is a world renowned 7th Dan Black Belt in WTF Taekwondo and also a certified Hapkido instructor. Won Son was a professional competitor in Korea for the Taekwondo Pro Team and moved to the Niagara Region in 1999. Grandmaster Son shares his passion and knowledge of traditional Korean Martial Arts with his students and encourages all to share with him, the journey of goodwill, strength and courage.
The Martial Art One – Won Son Taekwondo school is a family-oriented educational institution that helps anyone to achieve a strong mind and body. The school currently has 260 students and they train and support Taekwondo competitors of the highest caliber. They are currently training approximately 10 students for the next round of Olympic qualifications. They also have 30 students training for the National Taedwondo Championships happening next year.
The goals of Grandmaster Son and the school are to:
• Build character in tomorrow’s leaders, today
• Promote the global art of Taekwondo in an environment conducive to the respectful training of traditional Korean Martial Arts
• Develop student’s character by following practices and principals that have a positive affect within the Taekwondo school and community.
Adults and Children alike can benefits from Taekwondo Training. The biggest benefits for children are increases in self discipline, self respect and confidence, enhanced focus and concentration, the ability to overcome peer pressure and to build positive attitudes, values, beliefs and habits. The biggest benefits for adults include increases in motivation, focus, self discipline, self confidence, physical fitness, spiritual growth and weight loss.
Brian Wood is a student with the school and has this story to tell.
“It all began with a chance meeting with friends for coffee. The subject of becoming healthier and losing weight was brought up. It was then that my friend Tash explained how Tae Kwon Do changed his life. I was really taken by his passion for the sport and how much he enjoys it. I went there the following week to watch them train and after watching their class, meeting the students, and Master Jung - I was hooked.....sign me up! I was so impressed by the way they made the class a great workout, interesting, fun, and enjoyable. In the weeks that followed, I felt such a change in my energy levels, motivation, and my focus. Tae Kwon Do slowly became a big part of my life and I jumped at any chance to talk about my school, the Masters, and the students. I joined Won Son Tae Kwon Do December 4th, 2009 and have never felt better in my life. I have since earned my orange belt, as well as, a new start on life by eating healthier, losing weight, and feeling great about myself. In just over 4 months, I have lost 36 pounds and have never been happier. “

Martial Art One – Won Son Taekwondo has two locations. One is located at 6161 Thorold Stone Road, Unit #9 in Niagara Falls and the other can be found at 224 Garrison Road Unit #4 in Fort Erie. To learn more visit them online at or call 905-357-7770 or 905-381-8867.

Photos by Tara Adams

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